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For over 25 years my colleagues and I have been assisting families in achieving their dual goals of perpetuating their family businesses into the next generation (and perhaps beyond) while preserving and enhancing their family relationships. The need for third-party assistance with this process is evident from the commonly accepted statistics about the success and survival of family business.

Family owned businesses are a crucial element of our domestic economy, representing 95% of all businesses, half of our Gross Domestic Product and over half of all new jobs. Yet their survival rate is alarmingly low. It is estimated that only 30% of such businesses successfully make the transition from the first to the second generation of the family, and only half of those make it into the third generation.

This troubling mortality rate is primarily the product of the one characteristic that distinguishes family businesses from all other forms of business: the overlap of family relationships and emotions onto normal business planning and operational issues. Unless properly managed, this overlap can take its toll on both family relationships and business success.

The reality is that, despite the best of intentions, the "family factor" is not entirely avoidable. The ideal for a family in business is to acknowledge the impact and make constructive choices designed to create an effective balance in the family/business interplay. The primary role of a family business consultant is to help each family find its unique balance point, and to create and implement an action plan that promotes both a successful business and healthy family relationships.

Our firm is among the pioneers in the field of family business consulting. Since 1981 we have collectively consulted with well over 1000 family businesses. We invite you to explore this website and to contact us if you believe we might be of assistance. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

We provide reliable fee estimates prior to our being engaged. References are made available, upon request, at an appropriate time in the engagement process.

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